ClearEcos   7209 Valtec Ct B Boulder,CO80301   (303) 444-8495
7209 Valtec Ct B
BoulderCO 80301
 (303) 444-8495
ClearEcosWe provide sustainable services for restaurants. (303) 444-8495
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Reliable Used Cooking Oil Pick UpRegular and reliable pick up and collection with our biodiesel powered fleet means you'll never have full containers or run out of room for your grease.
Best Customer ServiceUnlike the big national collectors, we are a local company with a responsive and friendly staff that is always available to help the same day you call.
Sustainable Local CompanyWe are a Colorado company that recycles every drop of used oil into biodiesel that gets used in-state, keeping the benefits of recycling here in Colorado.

Recycling Center in Boulder, CO

At ClearEcos, we provide used cooking oil, fryer grease, and waste vegetable oil collection and recycling in Colorado. Our cooking oil recycling center in Boulder, CO, will help you use your unwanted grease in a more sustainable and healthy way that benefits your business, the environment, and our beautiful state. 

Why are we better than our competition?

  • We offer reliable cooking oil pickup - Our employees are quick and efficient, and will always be by to pick up and collect your unwanted grease. When you work with us, you never have to worry about full containers or running out of room for your grease. 

  • We provide the best customer service - Unlike large national collectors, we are a local company with a friendly and professional staff. We give our clients the individualized attention that they need, and we never cut corners on quality or treat you as another number.

  • We are a sustainable and local company - We recycle every drop of used oil. This oil is converted into biodiesel which is used right here in Colorado. We keep our resources--and our jobs--right in the state. 
When you need grease pickup, you need the professionals. Call us at (303) 444-8495 today to schedule a consultation. 

We opened our Recycling Center in 2008.

We are located at 7209 Valtec Ct, B, Boulder, CO.

Used cooking oil recycling, restaurant recycling, and much more. Contact us today!

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